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Android Tutorials, Windows Tutorials, iPhone (iOs) Tutorials, Apple Tutorials, Xbox Tutorials, Web Tutorials, Linux Tutorials.

All the FileTech tutorials are in this section, we teach you any tutorial related to computing, what you need for some software, something you can't do, an error, or some equipment is damaged. You can request it in the comments section or through the FileTech contact.

Android Tutorials: As its name indicates, it is based on tutorials for Android devices, errors, interfaces, doing some interesting things, everything that has to do with the Android world.

Windows Tutorials: Windows tutorials are more than explanations of how to do certain things in this OS, some examples are, put password in Windows, Remove password, Speed up Internet in Windows, Download some software, use of virtual machines, bugs, drivers, disable Windows options, processor, Gaming, how to do the at sign.

Linux Tutorials: the operating system perhaps not so well known but that we here at FileTech love, how to use the terminal, problems in Linux, fix screen in Linux, Installation of this operating system, play in Linux, how many Linux there are and their use .

Apple Tutorials: Everything that has to do with iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, errors and interesting things about this OS, examples are, fix iPhone viruses, Install Software on iPhone, iPhone problems, iPhone questions.

Xbox Walkthrough: everything that has to do with the Xbox console, such as audio problems, controller, with games, with the console, overheating.

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