▷ this device is locked Xiaomi associated with an existing MI account
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▷ this device is locked Xiaomi associated with an existing MI account



If at the time of restoring Xiaomi the error appears in XIAOMI of "This device is blocked. This device is associated with an existing MI account": This is the XIAOMI account, the process you are going to carry out is legal and will help criminals not have your device. 

To begin with, you must have another device at hand, in which the SIM CARD extracted from the Xiaomi will be inserted.


  1. Remove the SIM CARD from the XIAOMI and insert it into another device temporarily. During the process, a code will arrive to the device that contains the SIM.
  2. Enter the following Link to reset the Xiaomi device: CLICK HERE
  3.  Once you enter the link, you will be on the Xiaomi website. Click on "Forgot password"
forgot password- reset Xiaomi

4. Enter your credentials for password recovery, the email must be the one with which you are registered in Xiaomi.

5. Find and digital the code on the phone or email. 

6. Reset a strong password.

7. On the Xiaomi device select "open wifi settings". Without internet we will not be able to carry out the other steps.

configure wifi- reset Xiaomi

8. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.

9. Go back to step #7 and press the "Activate this device" option. You must enter the password you generated in step #6.

10. Continue to configure the operating system, until the device indicates that you must enter the SIM CARD, if necessary, do so.

11. Enter Gmail credentials to personalize the device and download apps you need later. 

12. Allow or deny the necessary permissions to Xiaomi, according to your option. You can deactivate the last two personalized ads options:

disable options- reset Xiaomi

Finally, the Device will be configured because you have already followed all the steps to fix the error and reset your Xiaomi. 

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