▷ Create Charts in Excel | customize chart
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▷ Create Charts in Excel | customize chart


Creating graphics in Excel is a different way of visualizing data and presenting information, thanks to graphics we can interpret the context of great information much faster and make it visually understandable for people. They are also useful for creating and summarizing reports on the activity you are performing, whether it contains a lot of data or a little.


There are different types of graphs that we can create in Excel to summarize and better interpret the data, some of the main ones most used are:

1. Bar Graph:  

It is one of the most used due to its easy visualization and interpretation, it contains an X axis in which a category is placed and in the Y axis the values of the information. Generally the information is contained in a table in excel to convert it to a graph.


2. Stacked Bar Chart:

It is similar to the bar graph, in which we can visualize the data in a stacked way, this means that the bar will be followed vertically by the other separated by a division of colors to be able to differentiate the values. It is not recommended to use this graph in 3D form, since the interpretation is much more complex.

4. Line chart:

This helps us when we want to make clear what the trend of the data is, it is represented by lines in which we can interpret how it rises, falls or remains quickly, comparisons can also be made with respect to other information. It is very useful when we want to show time lines.

5. Pie or Pie Chart:

It is the most visually representative graph, which is why we must be careful with what information we can illustrate, since the pizza-shaped divisions can be very similar to the point of not being able to notice the differences in the values, but when we want to represent a very high relative to a very low value, so this graph is not very useful. It is not recommended to use this graph in 3D as it could not be interpreted.

These are the most used graphics in excel currently, but there are others that are also very useful to visualize the information, among which are:

  • horizontal bar charts
  • scatter plots 
  • bubble charts
  • combo charts  
  • area charts
  • Hierarchy charts
  • waterfall charts
Using each of them will depend on the need you have to make the information known. You can consult others here.


Creating or inserting graphics in Excel is easy, for this you must perform the following steps:

1. Select the information you want to graph in excel, in this case we have the following table

2. In the menu, select the INSERT tab> Recommended chart or Select the chart you need

3. Insert the graph in this case we select a bar graph. You can modify the information you want in the graph to improve the interpretation, from the title, colors, values, percentages, etc.

In the following video you will be able to watch the tutorial to discover other options that you can use when creating graphs in Excel. Click here to see.


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