What is a Keylogger?
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What is a Keylogger?


Keylogger: A Keylogger is a type of malware or hardware that is used to capture the victim's keystrokes, without the user's consent, it is used to steal passwords since the password is seen in plain text because it saves all the keystrokes that are made, this is a totally illegal activity. 


Keylogger with hardware

Inline adapters that adapt to the keyboard configuration: These adapters are placed online inside the keyboard and capture the user's keystrokes and send them over the network. 

Devices that adapt to keyboards are within the keys: Each key is monitored by this device and when a key is pressed, it automatically sends signals over the network.

Keylogger with software 

Based on operating system core

Creative methods with high-level programming 


Keylogger free

It is capable of recording keystrokes, clipboard data and site addresses.

How to defend yourself?

The most important method to defend against keyloggers is to use your own personal computer machine, not to use other machines from Cybers or friends, they can contract keyloggers that you do not detect and they can steal your credentials. 

Install antivirus on your machine so that it does not become infected with these Keyloggers

Do not install software illegally.

Opinions about this malware:

It is a malware that does not damage our operating system or our machine, but it is against the ethics and privacy of human beings, since they can find our credentials, our private passwords and with that they can blackmail us to give real money and violate our privacy. . Normally we are victims of Keylogger with someone we know or when we go to a Cyber and enter our password from our social networks into a machine, there is probably a Keylogger installed on the computer and we automatically give our privacy to the perpetrator.

Virus lethality level: high 

Scope of infected computers: high

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