What is Adware?
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What is Adware?


adware:  It is a type of malware that offers unwanted advertising according to the preferences of the offender. Normally, this is known as behavioral marketing, but this is something legal as long as the user knows that they are going to receive these types of ads. The adware shows ads without the user allows to do this. Normally, Adware works with pop-up windows that force you to install something thinking that you have a virus on your terminal, when the virus really is that advertisement. 


Unwanted: The user does not know that adware is installed and the adware opens a pop-up whenever they want.

Legitimate: the user is aware of what he is installing, that is, it is no longer malware, because the user accepted the advertising.


The virus of the battery in Android: No friend, there is no such virus that damages the battery, this is a type of Adware and your terminal is infected. 

How to defend yourself?

Tools like Adblock that block advertising like this are essential to combat Adware.

Using an antivirus is super good and especially on Android, in iOS there are not as many Adware problems as in Android because it is used more by the public.

Do not enter adult pages, this increases the possibility of getting Adware

Opinions about this malware:

It is a malware that does not damage our operating system or our hardware, but it can be very annoying, since it opens pop-up windows that we want to see and that are very uncomfortable for us, they force us to see advertising that is normally directed to our behavior and it can be very annoying, really. Forcing us to install apps that help us uninstall these ads, also deactivating those on YouTube and blogs that are totally legal.

Virus lethality level: low

Scope of infected computers: very high 


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