What is Ramsonware?
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What is Ramsonware?


Ramsonware:  It is a type of malware that, by intercepting our machine, gives the attacker the opportunity to block our computer and thereby encrypt our information from a remote location and the virus creates a pop-up window in which the attacker asks for money to rescue our information. Normally the payment is made by anonymous virtual currencies for the security of the attacker. 


Cloud Ramsonware: Delete backups in the clouds.

Tox: which blocks and encrypts files.


CryptoLocker: Trojan-type Ramsonware that affected millions of computers around 2013, spread as a file in email. 

Wannacry:The perpetrators earned about 26,000 dollars, which at that time was equivalent to 15 bitcoins, it was a considerable sum of money. had thousands of data corruptions.

How to defend yourself?

The most important thing of all is to have a security backup since if ransomware attacks we can rescue the information with the copy. 

Have an antivirus installed and have it activated whenever we browse the Internet.

Do not browse adult pages, as they may contain malware 

The operating system must be with the latest version to avoid vulnerabilities from previous patches. 

Opinions about this malware:

It is a virus with great destructive power, I think it is the virus that interests me most, it is very striking what the virus does is encrypt all your information and they have the key to decrypt it, you just have to pay those who have your information For them to give you the key, they earn income with your data. Although it is very easy to combat this virus, you just have to keep backup copies at all times, so that your information is always saved and never harmed by cybercriminals. 

Virus lethality level: Very high

Scope of infected computers: half

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