What is Spyware?
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What is Spyware?


Spyware: It is a type of malware that is installed on the computer and, without the consent of its owner, sends information to an external entity about everything that is collected on said machine. Typically, Spyware installs itself on an affected system using the computer's hardware components such as RAM and CPU.   


Browser hijacking.

CoolWebSearch: It controls the browser and therefore what the victimizer wants.

How to defend yourself?

Installing Antivirus and Firewall is essential to defend this type of attack, or spyware. Spyware is more related to an ethical attack since it gives information about what we do to internal damage to our machine. 

Not installing pirated software, understanding that licensed applications are purchased and not cracked is an important part so that we do not have Spyware risks.

Do not visit websites that we do not have consent that are not malicious, avoiding adult pages is essential in this method. 

Keeping our applications completely updated, having an old version means that there may be vulnerabilities and possible Spyware may be installed. 

Opinions about this malware:

It is a malware that does not damage our machine or our software, but it is against humans, it can be harmful to our privacy, since Spyware compiles our data, or what we do on our device and sends it to a location remote from where we have no idea who is behind the computer, that is why we must be careful, when downloading files on the Internet, normally the spyware hides in a Trojan since the Trojan is downloaded along with a file that is not supposed to be malicious, Spyware itself can be in the category of Trojans. 

Virus lethality level: High average

Scope of infected computers: Half

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