▷ Disadvantages and reasons NOT to buy PC gamer
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▷ Disadvantages and reasons NOT to buy PC gamer


We have already seen the enormous advantages for which you should buy a PC gamer, which are too many:


But not everything is beauty in this world of being a PC gamer, there are also several disadvantages that we must analyze if we want to enter the world of gaming. PC gaming.


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Disadvantages of being a PC gamer


    1. Basic computer skills: When buying a PC gamer are you willing to learn or you already understand the basic concepts, because if something happens to a component you should at least know how to solve it, also the assembly of your computer, I assure you that when buying a PC gamer certain Problems that you will have to solve with a bit of computer knowledge such as fans, understanding typical Windows bugs, Drivers, not damaging certain files in your game folders or Windows files.
    2. Bad optimization: As there is so much hardware for PCs, each person has different hardware, companies cannot optimize all their games for this platform, so if you do not have a PC with high specifications, some games may not work well, unlike the consoles that they port their games to little existing hardware.
    3. Millions of launchers: If you want to take advantage of the offers that steam, epic games, uplay have, since it is a strong point of the PC gamer to be able to buy in offers and take advantage of the best offer, you have to have different launchers installed up to 3 to 5, something that does not happen on console.
    4. ANDoverpriced components: Unlike the consoles that sell at a loss and that is why the games are more expensive in case they recover the money lost with the sale of the console, the same does not happen on PC, the graphics cards have inflated prices that is also due to miners For cryptocurrencies, processors also come at a high price.
    5. Component Damage: It is a bit similar to point number 1, but every 2 or 3 years, it depends on the use you give them and the quality of them, a component will be damaged, also a short can damage them, such as power supply, graphics card, processor , monitor, and the problem is when one is damaged and you don't know what it is, your pc will not work until you change this component.


Online free but from thousands of hackers: Since Windows is an operating system that is so widely used, so moldable, it allows hackers to find holes to exploit vulnerabilities in games and create tools for cheaters, something that rarely happens on consoles, in many games you will find most people some cheating hacker, if they can be called “hackers”.

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