▷ Advantages and reasons to have a PC gamer to work or play
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▷ Advantages and reasons to have a PC gamer to work or play


Reasons to buy a gaming PC. We have all heard about PC gamers, cheap expensive PCs, these authentic, very demanding machines that are used to run video games and work with programs that exhaust various computer resources. 

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Programs to run with PC gamer:

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3D Max, Maya, Davinci Resolve, Premiere, in general the entire Adobe suite and Suites such as Autodesk with AutoCAD and all other programs that require computational and graphics requirements


Now on the gamers' side, we can also run all the games we want since its components help with this purpose.

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Reasons to have your GAMER PC:

  1. Personalization: You can customize your PC gamer with any component from different cabinets. like a million peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, 4k monitor... Dual monitor. Something that with a console we could not do this in the case of desktop PCs, in laptops there are millions of different brands.
  2. Power and adaptation: This is relative, if you buy a low-end PC, a high-end PC, but in general the PC components give us a greater choice for our needs in relation to what we do, if we need to render in 4K, play at 144 Hz, then let's go. for a PC with a larger budget to someone who does not require this.
  3. Updatable: In the case of the desktop PC, as the years go by our PC falls behind new technologies, but the good thing is that we can always update our incredible gamer PC, this does not happen with “gamer” consoles and laptops. Let's remember that the word gamer is being used for everything like marketing.
  4. Multiple operating systems: This can be done on any PC, but on a gamer PC it is much faster and more comfortable if you want to install another Os like Steam Os, which is the Steam OS, or some other Linux since it is based on Linux, or we can use infinite Virtual machines.
  5. Cheapest games: Now we go to the Gaming side, games on PC gamers are much cheaper than on consoles, platforms like Steam or Epic Games have many offers throughout the year.
  6. Different controls: On PC you can play with any type of controller that can be connected via Bluetooth or USB cable, you can try different controllers, which is not possible on a console.

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Here I will leave these 6 reasons why you should buy the gamer PC, either to work or play, since either of the two, a gamer PC is what will work the most for you.



Experience and be unique: all people sometimes need a PC, in schools, in universities in the working world, but there are few who build their PC gamer and have one, dare to have it and you will feel one of the best experiences in this technology world:


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