▷ For these reasons you should not buy an iPhone
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▷ For these reasons you should not buy an iPhone


iPhones are well known all over the world, for better or worse, whether for their price or their great features. In a previous post we saw the reasons to buy an iPhone and This time we will see why we should not buy an iPhone terminal.



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Disadvantages of buying iPhone

  1. Your closed system:

    Let's go, who wouldn't like to put their iPhone with other icons, with other things, although there is Jailbreak, this is insecure and is not at the level of Android Root, although many manufacturers no longer allow their phones to be rooted for security.

  2. Prices:

    Also their prices, I don't think that because of their hardware they are worth that much, this is terrible because Android terminals, seeing that they buy iPhones with that price, also raise theirs. iPhones have very excessive prices for what they should really cost.

  3. Little choice of terminals:

    On iPhone there is very little possibility of choosing that cell phone as you need it, as on Android there is a great variety, on iOS you have to settle for 3 each year

  4. Charger:

    Now iPhones do not come with a charger in the box, apart from the one they previously came with that was a lousy 5 Watt charger, compared to Android terminals it falls short in this aspect. 

  5. Ecosystem:

    Yes, I know that I also put it as an advantage, but it is also a disadvantage, because if we want, for example, a smart watch that is not the Apple Watch, it will not synchronize as well as the Apple Watch would, that is, they force us to have everything The other thing that we are going to buy or need is from the same brand, making us slaves of its brand.


Their competition is at their level and in some aspects it is better.

Most of its competition is cheaper than the iPhone and many of them are outstanding, even better than the iPhone in some aspects, such as the Pocophone, high-end Samsung, and Huawei. 


So they sell us the idea that the iPhone is better for its price, when there are other quality terminals in the Android sector. 

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