▷ Best Apps for iPhone and iPad that you must have in 2021
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▷ Best Apps for iPhone and iPad that you must have in 2021


Do you have a new iPhone or want to get the most out of your Apple devices in 2021 with more applications. The App Store has thousands of Apps, all of which have gone through a review process to verify that the app is authentic. 

In the App Store we will find Apps of all kinds, here we will make a compilation of the best applications for iPhone. 

Best iPhone and iPad applications for 2021 

  • Pass2U Wallet: This application allows you to easily add and manage all your cards, you don't want to have all your cards in your wallet or bag, simply use this application, you will love it to have everything stored on your cell phone, it is done by adding the barcode of a card.

  • Photoshop Fix: This application allows you to retouch photos in a subtle way, adjust the brightness, remove certain imperfections, soften, among other things, this application is only available on iOS so you will have to have something premium on your smartphone, but if you want more power You must necessarily have the following application.
  • Adobe Lightroom: Now yes, if you are crazy about photography, you must necessarily use Lightroom, you will not have all the tools that the computer application provides you, but you will have endless functions more than the previous Photoshop Fix application, it is the best free tool in my opinion of touch-ups on the mobile.
  • iMovie: We continue with more and more premium things for iOS, it is simply the best free video editing application on a mobile phone and the best thing is that it is only available for your iPhone and iPad, it allows you to edit videos in a surprising and very simple way, if you are a YouTuber, the application allows you to export it directly to this platform, my most sincere recommendation if you are a video editor, or you just want to send edited videos from your Drone, or any video from your mobile to your friends.
  • Microsoft OneNote: Another very common app, but few know its use, the use of oneNote is have some notes stored for any use, the use you can give it is to have several virtual notebooks, one per subject, so you will carry everything and you will never miss anything from your mobile because you will have all your notes stored from OneNote, notes that the iPhone comes with are pre-installed, but they do not reach the heels to what OneNote can do and better if you bring an iPad since with the Apple pencil 2 you can do unparalleled things.

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