▷ ADVANTAGES of iOS over Android: why buy an iPhone and not a...
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▷ ADVANTAGES of iOS over Android: why buy an iPhone and not a…


Advantages of iOS over Android, Why buy an iPhone and not an AndroidIn the world of mobile devices, cell phones, there is only iPhone vs Android, the first is the most widespread, the second is the most hated and loved by many, we will base ourselves on this, this post, it will show you the reasons and motives to buy iPhone.

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The iOs operating system was presented in 2007 by Steve Jobs. the advantages of iOS to Android below.

iPhone iOS advantages over android


Advantages of iOS over Android.

  1. Security:

    iOs is not an impenetrable operating system just because it is less used than Android, hackers do not pay as much attention to it. Also, almost all iPhone terminals have the latest version of iOS and it is constantly updated, patching any security gap that it has ever had, unlike Android terminals, which are few that have the latest version unless they have a terminal with Pure Android.

  2. Most optimized applications on iOS over Android:

    This is not Apple's fault, but rather the developers manage to optimize the apps better since iOs is found on few terminals so it is very easy for it to work well on all terminals, and it is also not a secret that Apple users buy more , so that is of great interest to developers and they choose to improve the experience on iOS than on Android, plus Apple does not accept any application in the App store.

  3. Intuitive interface unlike Android:

    iOs is recognized for being very easy to use, but I think this is more because iOs is such a closed operating system that it forces users to use them in the same way, while in Android, everything depends, the version of the OS, the manufacturer's customization layer, that Android is open source software.

  4. Integration of your iPhone and iOS hardware and software:

    This makes iOs consume resources much better than an Android or even Windows terminal would, entering the world of the PC, making iOs with 4 GB of Ram and comparing it with an Android with 10 GB of Ram work very similar or a little better or a little better, of course there are Android terminals that are very similar.

  5. Apple ecosystem:

    If you have an iPhone you will probably want an Apple watch, then a Mac, an iPad, some Airpods and so on, but this is because of the harmony that all these devices have, their synchronization is great and enviable for any brand that wants to set up its ecosystem I think that at this point no one has done it better than Apple.


Another advantage of iOS over Android 

Cell phone for gamers: iPhone also has one of the best processors on the mobile market, the A Bionic, making games perform super excellent. Although there are other options like the Asus Rog Phone, which in my opinion already depends on OS tastes, choose one or the other, but since the games are also more optimized for iOS, the games usually run much better, even on previous generation iPhones. 


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