▷ What is WordPress? What is it for, function and characteristics
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▷ What is WordPress? What is it for, function and characteristics


Have you ever wondered what is WordPress? This tool is a content management system (CMS) or in English content management system is a computer tool that allows you to create and manage content on Web pages, In a few words, it is used to create a website, blog or e-commerce, although its scalability goes much further.   

With a history of almost 10 years, thousands of themes (templates) are provided on its official website. Not only is it a simple system for creating personal blogs, but it also allows you to create a variety of more complex websites.

WordPress is an ideal system for regularly updating websites. If you write content with a certain frequency, when someone visits the site, you can find them all in chronological order (newest, oldest, and latest, oldest).

What is WordPress?

It can be said that when making a Web page with WordPress it can automatically be called an application since it is not static but dynamic, which means that it does not show the same thing for each user, but rather that this experience is directed for a specific user, while the static ones They will always show the same thing, mainly for landing pages they are made static.

What can I do with WordPress?

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What can I do with WordPress? 

WordPress is associated with tools that are only used to create blogs. This is not valid: Using WordPress, we can create blogs and more content: commercial websites, online stores, digital newspapers, reservation centers, etc.. We'll take a look at some of the things we can create with this content manager.

Online store

E-commerce or online store

Some alternatives to WordPress in this case, would be Shopify, prestashop, Magento and many more, but I consider that WordPress is also a very valid option, in this CMS there are a plugin called WooCommerce that is perfect for making online stores without too high a cost.

The functionality of our store will not be terminated due to the functionalities included in WooCommerce itself, but because it has specific plugins, we will be able to add hundreds of new options: a large number of imported products, shipping costs by zip code, Payment by Gateway credit card, price of the product by quantity, generation of invoices, etc.


Probably the most common function when using WordPress, When installing the CMS, the typical features of a Blog, comments, entries, categories, labels, are automatically created. 

Widgets are also incorporated, but if we have another long-term idea more than a Blog, WordPress is perfect for this due to its scalability because it allows us to export and import all pages, making a simple migration if we want to use other tools or at the end We are going to program our page from scratch, we can migrate it very easily because WordPress handles HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT AND PHP in its code.

Corporate website with wordpress

Company website

Do you have any service or you want to inform your clients of something, such as who we are, contact, clients, services.

You simply want to expand your business to digital, it is perfect for this.

At this time we can make use of static templates to just display the same information to any user.

Even an email form to receive certain products. 

Download web page

Did you know that the Spotify website is made with WordPress? This is because it simply identifies the operating system and downloads the .pkg or .exe file in case of Mac or Windows, simple but effective. 

Social network with Olympus
Social network

Social network 

With the Olympus theme we can make a corporate social network or for general usel, even I made a small social network with this theme and I loved the result. 

WordPress main features

  • Dynamic web pages
  • Free distribution (GPL)
  • The best templates (themes)
  • The best plugins 
  • sort by category
  • Creating stores with WooCommerce
  • RSS support 
  • Customize absolutely everything, due to being able to use the source code 
  • Used by more than 38% From the Web According webhosting 
  • User manager, create users and be able to assign different permissions 
  • Ease of configuration, installation and update
  • WordPress is HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP
  • Use a MYSQL database 
  • Organized display of articles 
  • Visitors can enter comments 

How to install WordPress

How can I install WordPress?

Decide if you are going to use WordPress.com or WordPress.org in this I recommend WordPress.org if you want to go professional.

  1. Go to WordPress.org and download it
  2. Download xampp 
  3. Put the wordpress folder in xampp htdocs
  4. go to localhost path
  5. follow the steps
  6. Finally you will have WordPress on your PC
  7. you can use Hostinger Hosting to upload it to the Internet

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