▷ How to SEARCH FILES in GOOGLE (PDF, Word, Excel and more)
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▷ How to SEARCH FILES in GOOGLE (PDF, Word, Excel and more)


Do you know how to search for files on Google? With the formats or extension PDF, Word docx, Excel xlsx, Power Point pptx, Photoshop PSD, or other formats. The largest Internet search engine called google allows you to do certain types of searches with commands, to improve the user experience, it is illogical that if you want to search exclusively for a book in PDF you will find pages that talk about that book, you want the book in PDF

Remember that most likely you will not find illegal content, if a book is sold on amazon or ebook pages, Google excluding pages with illegal content, it is best that you buy the book, ebooks are usually at discounts and at a very low price economical, but there are free books that we can look for in these ways. 




How to search for files on google Filetype Command 

The filetype command can help you find documents, xls, pdf and other content of specific format. To use it, you need to enter: filetype”File Type: Format + Keyword”. For example, when you put: “filetype: pdf link building”, you will get the result of a PDF file that contains the word link building.

How to search for files on Google?

First we must think about what format we want to look for, if it is a PDF book, article, or an apa format of word templates, or an excel account template. 

Once the format that we are going to look for is defined, we open www.google.com


How to search for books on Google?

In google we will put the following command. 

filetype:pdf book name 


How to search pdf files on google

How to search for articles, theses, documents in PDF?

In general, how to search for any PDF posted in google

filetype:pdf name of the article or document

how to search word in google

How to search Word docx documents in Google?

It is the same mechanics but now we change pdf with the Word format




filetype:docx Document name 

how to search excel in google

How to search excel xlsx in Google? 

the excel format is xlsx

filetype:xlsx account


How to search for power point in google?

The power point format is pptx 

filetype: pptx presentation 

How to search any extension in Google? 

We have covered the most important formats, but if you want to search for more formats you can do it, all you have to do is know the name of your format, right click and properties, there it will mention the name of the extension that you must put in google 



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