▷ How to SEARCH PDF BOOKS on Google - Google Tricks
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▷ How to SEARCH PDF BOOKS on Google – Google Tricks


Have you tried to search for PDF books on google and have not had any kind of success, This tutorial is for files, books, scientific documents, universities, any format that has the PDF extension It will work, you have done searches like "The free book in PDF" and you find pure pages without meaning and without relevance, this is because you are not giving the correct orders to the most famous search engine of all, which has millions and millions of free PDF books.

How to search pdf books on google
Google search engine

Remember that the Google search engine only indexes true and legal content, it will not go around publishing free or legal PDF books or publish them for a while, but when it realizes that this content is used without the author's consent or given to the audience for free without permission, Google automatically removes them from the search engine, for That is why this section was created within the Web page that would be the google tips you will meet some very interesting ones.

How to search for books or PDF files on Google 

  • We go to the search engine Google Google.com
  • Click on the search bar
  • We write the following command without quotes
  • Filetype:pdf "Name of the book or article you want to search for"
  • You select several searches and start downloading documents

Finally you will find the document of your preference if it is indexed in the Google search engine, if it does not appear it is because of what I mentioned in the first lines

Was it difficult for you to complete this tutorial? Follow the following video:



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