▷ how to CREATE an APP for ANDROID and publish it in the Play Store
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▷ how to CREATE an APP for ANDROID and publish it in the Play Store


How you can create an app for android and publish it in the app store Play Store. Today we are going to talk about this, What are the ways to create an application and then how to upload an application to the Play Store, through a developer account in the Google Play Console.

Create an app for the play store 

What is a Computer Application? 

First let's clarify some concepts, a computer application is a type of software designed to perform certain functions and operations. An app is made in order to allow a user to perform one or more jobs.

What is a developer account?

It is a special account, used to be able to publish apps in official stores such as the Play Store or App Store, you have to register and they usually ask you for a payment. 

Generate idea for your APP

Generate idea for app

The first thing is to generate an idea that you can adapt, I advise you that if you are only doing projects, do not think about making the next Facebook or Uber, these applications are needed by themselves, a work team and if by chance you manage to do it and it fails, you will have lost time and investment, although you would gain experience, but you can gain experience by making simpler apps and rewards. 

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How to create an app for Android

How to create an app for android
app creation

Now we are going to see what are the ways to create your own application, tools that will help you with the creation process, apk generation and publication of it.

Create app with Android Studio

Create app with android studio

Native development is the path I recommend learning first before using hybrid development tools because it opens up all the knowledge of exactly how things work. 

In the case of AndroidStudio it works with Java or Kotlin as programming language, for the interface it handles XML where we can design our apps by dragging and dropping the components and making a bridge between the java or Kotlin code and the XML

Download our APP

A little pause to say to download our app for Android, productivity notepad 

CopyText - Free NotepadCopyText notepad

Create app with app inventor or app creation platforms 

In this case we have the famous tools like App Makr and app inventor (Although there are many more) In this case we don't need to know programming, we just drag and do the logic without programming. I only recommend making applications this way if you don't know how to program, they are apps with low scalability, if you want new things, it's very hard to add features. 

Create app with Flutter or React Native framework

Now we will see the hybrid development, loved by many since it is very useful for you, being only a developer, you can adjust times to make only one code base and then export it to all platforms (iOs and Android).

There are two widely used frameworks, the first is ReactNative the Facebook framework to make bridge apps that uses Javascript and on the other hand flutter Google's framework that has gained a lot of popularity lately and handles the Dart programming language. 

How to generate apk in Android Studio

How to test your application in Android Studio

As we have worked our app in Android Studio, it is simply to hit the run icon and you have to create a virtual machine with the cell phone that you want to test your app. 

Generate APK in Android Studio 

In this case, at the end we have to generate the apk, each platform does it in a different way, in Android Studio it is simply

  1. Click on build 
  2. Generate apk 
  3. Create the keys 
  4. next and finish

How to earn money creating APPS

How to earn money with apps

  • You can put ads inside the apps
  • You can sell your app
  • Create an e-commerce
  • Sale by service (users pay a monthly fee to use the app)
  • You sell it to other companies or customers

how to upload app to google play store

How to upload app to play store

  1. Anger Google play console
  2. Create Account
  3. Put developer name and data
  4. Pay the 25 dollars to create app
  5. Click on create new app
  6. Follow the instructions 
  7. Upload the APK in production
  8. Choose the presentation of the app in the Play Store
  9. Wait for the app to be reviewed
  10. Your app was published 



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