▷ Convert IMAGE TO TEXT: Image text scanner for Android
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▷ Convert IMAGE TO TEXT: Image text scanner for Android


How CConvert an image to text, in this little tutorial we will see how to use a text scanner for images on Android. You have always wanted to pass an image with its respective text inside it.

With this application you will be able to convert your photo to text, you will be able to scan books, pdf articles, tasks, screenshots and convert them to text and you will be able to download the same text in txt format to use it in word or any other app. 

live text for android 

The new presentation from Apple brought the new functionality of the camera “Live Text” this function serves as a text detector in the camera, so this is also an alternative in Android if you want to use a Live Text.

How to convert an image to text
Convert image to text

How to convert image to text: 

  1. install ImageText in the Play Store
  2. Upload an image from your gallery or take a photo
  3. Try to upload it vertically and the text well focused 
  4. cut out its sides
  5. Your IMAGE was passed to TEXT


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Pass image to text with the ImageText App

ImageText is a native 100% app for android, which uses an OCR scanner to detect the text of an image, in this way it manages to extract the text from an image. Made by FileTech under an apache 2 license. 


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