▷ How to Convert Text to Columns in Excel | Open CSV files
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▷ How to Convert Text to Columns in Excel | Open CSV files


When we have files downloaded from tools other than Excel, we find a text contained in a single column, which is separated either by commas, periods, asterisks, etc., so it is important that you learn how to convert text to columns in excel to improve the visualization of the information and to be able to work it

This is what the CSV file looks like (Comma Separated Values) or it is Spanish- Separated by commas, which are a type of format that can be represented in table form where the columns are separated by commas (or another character) and rows by respective line breaks.

CSV file text to columns in excel
This is a comma delimited file


There are two ways to perform this action, the first is through the option in the Excel tool – Data- text in columns and the second is importing the file from Data- Get data- From text/CSV. Both are correct, the use will depend on the need of each information that we want to visualize. 


Let's see step by step to convert a text to columns with the first option:

1. Open the CSV file which we are going to convert from text to columns in excel:

Text in columns in excel
Concatenated text in a single column in excel

2. Select the entire first column, in this case column A.

3. In the tools menu select – DataText in columns.

Excel tool- Data- Text in columns

4. A window opens, select the option delimited – next  

text window in columns

5. Determine the separators that contain the text, in this case they are delimited by the symbol ( | ) which should be written in the option – other - and next

Column text separators

6. Establish the format of the text data, in this case select the option – General -  This option converts numeric values to numbers, date values to dates, and all other values to text. Finally select - To finalize

7. Finally, we have the text separated into columns to display the information using an excel table.

Now, let's see step by step to convert a text to columns in excel with the second option:

This option allows other characters to be identified such as ñ, í, among others, which are not normally recognized when converting a text to columns, it will depend on the encoding language you use in your country.

1. Select in tool – Data- Get data- From a file- From a text/ CSV in this case

excel tool get data

2. Find the file where it is saved to import it into excel.

3. Once selected, the following options window will appear to select the file source language, in this case select – 65001: Unicode (UTF-8) and select in Carry

Encoding the text in columns

4. Finally, the text will be separated in the respective columns to display the information through a table that you can edit at your choice.

Text in columns in a table


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