▷ WHY BUY A MAC: Advantages of the Mac vs PC | Choose MacOS
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▷ WHY BUY A MAC: Advantages of the Mac vs PC | Choose MacOS


Mac vs PC the battle of computers, we will see why buy a Mac and not a PC, what are the advantages of the Mac and its Mac OS operating system. This battle can also be done Windows vs Mac OS, one being the most used system in the PC world and the other being the default system on Macs. 

why buy a macbook

Which MacBook or Mac to buy

There are several types of Mac which are:


MacBooks are Apple's famous laptops. In this section there are 3 types of Mac, you choose which one

  • MacBook Air:

For students who do not require anything professional, such as using Word, Excel, everything from Office and consuming Netflix or YouTube, computer for non-demanding users.

  • MacBook:

if you want to edit some stuff and want something better than a MacBook Air. 

  • MacBook Pro:  

The best of the best in the Apple world on Mac, only for users who require computational demands and demanding programs, such as Photoshop, Premiere 4k, 3D programs

Why buy a Mac Pro


Computer computer, ideal for people who telework or HomeOffice

Mac mini: 

People who have a Windows PC and a keyboard, monitor and mouse who want to try a Mac. 

mac pro: 

Those who want the best, but best in the Apple world and are not interested in spending more than 4000 dollars for a device of these 


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  • No drivers and compatibility:

When Apple manufactures its software and hardware there is greater integration and harmony with their teams, not needing so much additional software, apart from detecting which component we are using, I challenge you to look up how much Mac Os weighs and how much Windows weighs, due to so much Driver Windows weighs more.

  • Design and brand:

The design of the Mac is very attractive to all users, so much so that people who hate the brand still recognize this product from afar, in business the brand is worth a lot and Apple knew how to build a good reputation: 

  • Durability: 

Macs last too long, compared to a PC. of the same range obviously, although this depends on the use you give it, you can have a Windows PC for 10 years and the Mac the same, it depends on the deal, but what I have seen is that these products have a longer lifespan in the general public . 

  • MacOS:

Its operating system is very easy to use, didactic and is the biggest competitor to Windows, not even Linux is comparable to what Windows sells.

  • Easy to use:

On Mac you just take it out of the box and use it You don't have to install anything, or search for anything and you already have a functional 100% system. I invite you to try a Mac for its ease.

  • Non-viruses: 

Not as many viruses enter the Mac because it is less used than Windows, so hackers do not pay as much attention to it and do not create as much malware. 

  • Its value is not underestimated:

This is already because of the brand, You can resell equipment at a good price after use. 

  • Install Windows on Mac:

Windows is for Mac and the way to install is very simple, so you can use Windows on Mac, but not Mac on Windows at least not legally. 


  • Just focus on productivity:

This is a personal point, but the shortcuts of the Mac, its trackpad and the fact that it does not have video games within reach like in Windows, you only focus on productivity, work, I have never turned on a Mac for leisure, but my gaming PC with Windows always distracts me from my goals, that's why I declare that it is personal. 



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