What is Oracle VirtualBox (Download it here SECURE LINK)
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What is Oracle VirtualBox (Download it here SECURE LINK)

Oracle VirtualBox es una aplicación multiplataforma (Windows, Mac O Linux) y de codigo abierto para crear, administrar y ejecutar las llamadas maquinas virtuales.   Las maquinas virtuales simplemente son emulaciones de maquinas fisicas con un sistema operativo, usando el hardware del mismo computador hosts. USES OF VIRTUAL MACHINES:
  1. Virtual machines allow you to have several operating systems installed on the same machine and without leaving your usual operating system.
  2. It is typically used by companies so that employees who need multiple operating systems can provide them.
  3. You can make your own computer security laboratory since having different IPs that are assigned when installing a new virtual machine ideal for pentester and ethical hacking.
  4. At the time of productivity it is more effective since you do not have to turn off the machine and change the operating system
  5. You can have the ease of having very old and insecure operating systems without needing to worry.
  6. Being virtual machines, any virus that enters will damage your virtual machine, not your main machine.
  7. You can assign the resources to certain operating systems that require more or less resources to divide the amount of computing you want for each of them.
  8. MOST IMPORTANTLY, you can learn to use an infinite number of operating systems since they provide the facility to install them very easily and without obstacles. 


If you have many doubts about how to install Oracle VirtualBox, here is a step-by-step video on how to install it 

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