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What is brute force attack?


What is?

In computing we talk about many types of hacking, many types of malicious software known as malware and many types of hackers, today we will focus on what are the ways of hacking and one of the most used around the world It is the brute force attack.

A brute force attack is in which an individual tries to access credentials that do not belong to him by trying all the possible combinations on the keyboard, as we know people have certain passwords, such as the mother's name, with the year of birth, or your favorite number, even a sequence of numbers, probably your citizen identification, something that would be easier for the hacker if he knows the victim a little, he can get this in relation to his likes on Facebook, or according to what he publishes , if a family member is sick, or something like that and you keep posting things about them, your password can probably be related to that.

How to defend yourself?

First we must ask ourselves What is a strong password like? 

The secure password must contain a minimum of 14 characters, several capital letters, numbers and at least one character such as @, $, ], so the password, even if it has a mother's name, will make it very difficult for the attacker to do so. find out your password. 

If you have a website out there, you have users and a database and you don't have a captcha, you are making a big mistake, since not even a person does the dictionary attack, I can do it with a pre-programmed bot to steal your credential, what the bot does is start with the letter a, then with b, after it ends in z, it starts with ab and so on until it finds your credential, that takes a lot of computing time, but the ordering Now they have a lot of potential to find your password.

Not having the same password on several websites, if a credential is stolen, that will mean that absolutely all your credentials will be stolen and you don't want that for your privacy. Imagine having your Facebook hacked for putting the same password on any website out there.

Opinions about this type of attack.

The dictionary attack is very easy to evade, we just have to use secure passwords that, as I said, must have at least 14 characters. It will be very difficult for the attacker to obtain your credentials no matter how many computers, algorithms, or computing time they have. You won't be able to get it that easy. It also violates your privacy since it can access any chat that you do not want anyone to see, so take care of your passwords, there are sites and apps that allow you to have all the passwords stored such as iPhone passwords, which when you need a password you only show the face and gives it to you.

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