What is a dictionary attack in computing?
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What is a dictionary attack in computing?

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What is?

A dictionary attack in computing is one in which an attacker tries to enter our credentials, be it social networks, a web page using all the possible words in the dictionary, if you are what uses "casa123" as a password, you are among the possible victims that the perpetrator can access.

It is an attack that, due to its level of data, takes a long time to carry out unless the attacker manages a bot created by an algorithm that takes dictionary words from a database and starts typing passwords automatically, in this case if the website does not provides captcha or other tools for the security of the users, it will probably be able to access an individual's credentials.

How to defend yourself?

Use strong passwords, as I said in this POST Before it is a brute force attack, a strong password must have 14 letters counting uppercase, numbers and characters. If you want to read what a secure password is like, go to the post that I put there in the link. Maybe in a future blog entry we will talk about what a secure password is like. 

Constantly changing the password also makes it harder for the attacker to find the password.

Opinions about this type of attack.

The attack, in my opinion, is somewhat silly and is one of the easiest to avoid, however, people who are inexperienced in these matters are very vulnerable to this type of attack, since they think that having a password like this is much easier to remember. , but they forget that it is also easier to hack. This is security or ease of use, YOU CHOOSE…

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