The new Microsoft Edge Chromium - better than Google Chrome? (Download it here)
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The new Microsoft Edge Chromium – better than Google Chrome? (Download it here)


The new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium It came with the goal of taking over the browser market and now based on Chromium, it promises much more than its predecessors, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

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Previously, Microsoft Edge was considered a total failure, since “SUPPOSEDLY”, I say supposedly to avoid legal problems, Google did everything possible to slow down your browser when you used Google services (Youtube, Drive and other services). This made many Users will quickly stop using the browser, because in the beginning the browser was very fast and came with great news, but it failed to enter the market, because of how slow it was in Google services, practically everything that average users use.

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Microsoft Edge is now based on Chromium This means that it cannot be sabotaged by other companies, because as we know Google Chrome is based on Chromium and Chromium is a Google project with which countless browsers appeared such as Opera and Chromium is open source, which suggests that the same problem will not happen with the current Microsoft Edge.


Microsoft Edge Vs Google Chrome 


But now Microsoft Edge will be able to surpass Google Chrome and be better in many aspects than this browser, the answer is that I think so.
Edge vs Chromum

Which uses less RAM?

As we know Google Chrome is a RAM eater, we are going to test which one uses less Ram with the same Youtube Windows open.

Ram chrome vs edge

Here we can see where Google Chrome consumes more Ram, but that is not the problem, Google Chrome increases the RAM a lot every time you use it, while Edge currently has not dropped from 1 GB of RAM to the contrary, Google Chrome has managed to consume up to 4 GB of RAM



Microsoft edge is not yet available for Linux, but it is not surprising that it may be available soon. But the rest is in all modern operating systems such as (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android). I have even tried Microsoft Edge on iPhone and it was much better and faster than Google Chrome or Safari, even on Android, I liked Microsoft Edge better , is excellent on all operating systems.


The bad thing is that those of us who use Linux still cannot use it on this system.

Edge on iPhone


Which is faster?

When using Microsoft edge on Mac Os and iPhone, it is incredible compared to Google Chrome for Apple products, and even on Android, I didn't have any problems with Microsoft edge.

But unlike in the Windows operating system, when opening they are practically the same fast in Windows, I was able to notice differences but in nanoseconds with a stopwatch, so in this section I say that both are equally fast.

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So in conclusion, Microsoft Edge seems much better to me, since it became my default browser in all operating systems, the fastest in many of them and the one that consumes the least RAM, and it is also based on Chromium like Google Chrome.


Download Microsoft Edge

  1. Go to the official Microsoft Edge page
  2. Hit Download
  3. Click on “Accept and Download”
  4. Follow the installation steps
  5. Use the Program


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