Management and Monitoring Story
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Management and Monitoring Story


This is a story oriented to the Monitoring and control of projects in project management. 

Author: Johan Astudillo 

The poor recycler.

Many years ago in a town lived a man named Juan who was a visionary, but with few opportunities since he did not have enough resources to start his projects, because where he lived was the poor side of the town which was totally separated from the side of the rich. One day Juan sat in the patio of his house to talk about his neighbor, who had a bitter role and judged the rich for how they led their perfectly planned lives, but did not make an effort to do anything and obtain a better income from through projects, something that bothered him a lot, so Juan did not prefer to talk about his ideas with him.
Thus they spent the morning talking about banal things until their neighbor left, at which point Juan, wanting life to give him a sign to start his projects, noticed a woman who was in front of her digging through a garbage can. and in turn leaving rubbish outside of it, Juan immediately approached the lady who was very dirty by the way and asked her.
       What's your name and what do you do with all that junk?
       My name is Diana and I do this because I collect recycling to take it to sell and with the money I support my grandparents, said the woman.
He had an incredible idea, so the next day he planned to go from door to door through the streets collecting everyone's recycling, for that he had to complete some activities and there was a risk that it would not work for him, for that Juan had to monitor his little project, so Juan went from door to door all day long, but in the end he didn't have great results, as people were too lazy to rummage through their own waste. When he got home, he sat down and planned a better idea, but this time I took into account the opportunities and risks that could arise to do better monitoring, he wanted it to give him very fast income, but at the same time people They also get something in return. Decided to use his savings budget from a year ago which was to buy a house next to the rich in the project he committed, this time he knocked on door to door giving some money for recycling people, and this time Once he was surprised that people took out more and more garbage, he went and sold this garbage at a much higher price and he realized that doing a correct monitoring of his project was working for him.
That young man after months was able to buy a car to transport more recycling, to be able to carry more recycling, but he had to have someone drive this car, so he decided to hire Diana, the woman who was the inspiration for his idea.
       Do you want to work as a conductor in my little project?  You will have better income said Juan
       Sure, I'll have a better income and I'll be able to contribute more to my grandparents, said Diana.
Juan recovered all the investment he made, but now he had another bigger project which was to expand next to the rich.
       How can I expand to the side of the rich through garbage? John said
       An idea just occurred to me, said Diana.
Diana had become her best friend, so the two of them went to the side of the rich, with the aim of visiting the company that produced notebooks for the town, she realized that she could recycle what the notebooks were wrapped in, The company accepted since it needed to get rid of a lot of recycling, so Juan became one of the largest recycling providers in town.
Juan's vision was bigger, he was able to open his company which hired many people from his town including rich and poor and he wanted to separate that poor side of his town which was seen as nothing, he began by employing various people and later he was able to buy himself his house in the place where he grew up since he saw that it was not important to be next to the rich but to his family. He also wanted Diana, his partner in the project, who played the role of conductor throughout his project, to be part of his new project, which was his home and that she was his lover forever.

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