▷ Advantages of Android over iOS | Why USE ANDROID and not iOS
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▷ Advantages of Android over iOS | Why USE ANDROID and not iOS


We will analyze the advantages of Android over iOS. Android vs iOs, the battle of mobile operating systems, this time we will talk about why use Android and not iOs. Android is Google's system. We will mentionThe reasons and reasons why Android is a better OS than the iPhone OS, which is iOs.

advantages of android
Why use android



  1. Android customization:

    Android allows customization of its entire interface, if we want new icons, everything can be changed. So much so that it may seem like another operating system in relation to the interface.

  2. Diversity of devices on android:

    on iPhone there are 3 to 5 devices per year, on Android this figure grows exponentiallyWith this, we ensure that users have more opportunities to choose a terminal, while on the iPhone you have to settle for what they release per year.

  3. Accessible.

    people can access an Android terminal with ease, since There are hundreds of devices and different prices, that makes Android very accessible.

  4. Android Community

    The Android community is so big that If you have a problem with your device, it is super easy to find guides and tutorials on the Internet to solve any problem with our terminal.

  5. Android multitasking is better than iOs:

    The latest versions of the OS bring functions of use multiple applications at the same time, deciding which applications we want to leave suspended, those that we do not use, to avoid memory consumption, thus increasing productivity.


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BONUS why use ANDROID over iOS

Code open infinite possibilities: Being open source Android, it allows its users to manipulate it how the user decides, not how the company wants them to use it, you can create your own derivatives, such as the Amazon Kindle Fire which is a personalized Android and use Android in your own projects, Apart from installing anything and modifying any attribute. Whatever you want, Android will work for you. 


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