Skills Hackers Must Have + Bonus
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Skills Hackers Must Have + Bonus

We have all known stories where a hacker manages to penetrate deep into a network, or manages to crash a web page, with an attack known as a DoS Denial-of-service attack (Denial-of-service attack) but to do this, you must have certain previous knowledge in the life of a Hacker that you must learn to master, Don't believe those "with this book you will be a hacker from 0 to 100" storiesI have seen many publications like this on social networks and no, it is not true, because it is not only the penetration phase that matters. You always need to have previous knowledge, in order to become a great Hacker.
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The knowledge you need to enter this world are:

  1. Basic computer skills: Knowing how to install an operating system, building your own computer, fixing your own problems, understanding a bit of computing is what you need
  2. Programming: Programming should be a weapon for any ethical hacker, usually in languages like Python, Ruby or a database language like SQL, HTML markup and CSS
  3. networks: You may not understand programming well, but without knowing about networks, you will never be a good hacker, I inform you that networks are essential in these practices, ipv4, ipv6, Backbone, protocols...
  4. Another language: In general English, if you speak native English, learn another language widespread in technology such as Russian, Japanese or Mandarin Chinese. Did you know that according to statista, 52.3% of the internet is in English? In addition to this, almost all the Software is in English, that is the point I am going, the great amount of knowledge that awaits you learning English, for a hacker this is essential for that reason.
  5. linux: This point is not essential, but Linux has almost all the Hacking tools, which Windows still lacks, so learning to use Linux makes it easier for you to become a hacker because of all the Software it has, although not everyone who uses Linux is hacker… Do not confuse.
  6. Virtualization: This point is important because, for example, Metasploit Table, is a Linux distribution exclusively created to be attacked, it has many vulnerabilities, if you learn to virtualize and set up your own Hacking laboratory, you will be able to learn new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in a system.
  7. Curiosity: A hacker always wants to learn new things, he wants to get into the world more and more and understand it, you must always be hungry for knowledge, in order to grow, since the hackers of 2005 can doubtlessly use the same practices from then to today, they must always be updated.


Social engineering: Una habilidad de todo hacker es, saber usar la ingeniería social, la quise dejar de Bonus, porque es que pocos tienen esta habilidad, el poder engañar a las personas para hacer lo que uno quiera que hagan, esa es la mejor habilidad hacking y así normalmente es que se hackea. entendiendo la programación neurolingüística . Muchas gracias por leer.

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