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▷ CANCEL Game Pass, Xbox Live or Any Service


You have a Microsoft subscription and you don't know how to cancel it, I show you how to cancel game pass, Xbox Live, or any Microsoft service like Office, so that they stop making monthly charges or even they just charged you and you want your money back, you must cancel within 14 business days, so that there can be a refund of your money.

All Microsoft subscriptions, products and services. 

  • Xbox GamePass
  • Xbox Live
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft Office
  • skype
  • Outlook


How to cancel game pass

Steps to turn off auto-renewal, cancel Game Pass

  1. Let's go to the following Link: https://www.microsoft.com/
  2. We click on “Start section” and copy our Microsoft credentials
  3. Again in the right section we select our profile and select “My Microsoft account” 
  4. In the first option it appears “Subscriptions” We click on all subscriptions.
  5. Now we are going to select the service that we want to cancel, in this case I will choose GamePass in “Manage”
  6. Finally, we click on “cancel the subscription” or “Deactivate the periodic bill” it is the same, but if we cancel the subscription they can return the money to us on time.

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