Windows 10 Gaming Pc: Setting up Windows 10 faster gains FPS
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Windows 10 Gaming Pc: Setting up Windows 10 faster gains FPS


Windows 10 Gaming for PC, we will see how to configure Windows to make it faster and at the same time gain many FPS. We will analyze all the options to increase the value of your games and if you work with your PC, don't worry, this tutorial will also help you. Here is how to speed up your Windows PC and how to configure it.

windows 10 gaming pc

Format your Windows PC 

How long has it been since you formatted your computer, this is the first concept that we should have if we want to have a faster and cleaner Windows, when you don't format your PC in a long time it fills up with junk files, useless programs, temporary files, etc. the disk starts writing to the last memory spaces and it starts to take more time to load those spaces in disk, so format your PC so Windows will be very fast.

How to format your Windows PC 

Two very simple ways in video

Close startup programs windows 10 Gaming pc

You've probably noticed that when you start Windows, certain programs start in the task manager and you have to close them manually. These consume memory, processes and performance that you could take advantage of to get more FPS. 

How to remove startup programs to speed up Windows 10 Gaming PC

  • It is very difficult to document everything so I leave you our video, they are very easy to follow so don't worry: CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO


Place thermal paste on the Windows 10 Gaming PC processor

Placing paste ends is essential to improve your performance, if the CPU goes to 100% or is very overheated, it is normal for your equipment to malfunction and lose performance. 

If you don't know how to apply thermal paste: CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO

Latest Tips To Speed Up Windows 10 Gaming PC Faster

  • Try switching to a solid state hard drive. 
  • Put more fans or change them including the heatsink.
  • use the tool Geforce Experience to optimize your games 
  • Keep your operating system up to date 
  • Lower the quality of your games, thus increasing the FPS
  • Activate the High Performance power option
  • Delete temporary files, free up disk space and clean up desktop
  • defragment the HDD
  • Disable unnecessary services and the Cortana assistant
  • Uninstall applications that we do not use and pre-installed programs
  • Remove apps in use with task manager
  • Pause OneDrive sync


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