RAM MEMORY TO 100 % Windows 10: all SOLUTIONS
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RAM MEMORY TO 100 % Windows 10: all SOLUTIONS


My RAM memory is at 100 in Windows 10, I show you how to reduce memory consumption in Windows 10, probably in the task manager you will see 100% of RAM consumption, this is because it is full and if it is still at 100% most likely the blue screen appears or your computer is very slow.

Earlier in these tutorials we taught the solutions of the CPU to 100% and in turn also that of DISC to 100% only the RAM was missing and in this guide we will focus on how to empty the RAM 

ram memory to 100 windows 10

Reasons for high consumption of RAM memory at 100 in Windows 10

  • Use Google Chrome
  • Have less than 4 GB of RAM on a Windows 10 PC
  • Many tabs in the browser
  • many open programs
  • Work in Word and Excel for a long time without saving
  • Many running processes
  • Using demanding software on a PC with few features
  • very old ram
  • ddr2 RAM instead of the latest ddr4 standards
  • missing formatting
  • Some malware like worm or virus

Solution to the consumption of RAM memory at 100% in Windows 10

  • Do not use Google Chrome instead use browsers like Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge, since Chrome is a memory hog
  • From the task manager close programs and processes that use up a lot of memory
  • Restart Windows 10 Explorer
  • Close programs that start with Windows 
  • Use third-party software to clean RAM
  • Restart our PC regularly every hour
  • Deactivate services that we do not use
  • Check for malware with Windows Defender or another antivirus 
  • Put more RAM Or change another RAM 


How to deactivate services that we do not use

  1. In the beginning we seek to execute
  2. we write msconfig after system configuration
  3. In Services we deactivate the services that we are not using or are going to use 

ram memory 100 windows 10

OTHER TIPS (page premium)

  • Remove background apps
  • remove windows defender
  • Remove Apps in Apps and Features
  • If your PC is very old consider using LINUX instead of Windows 10
  • Do not use Windows 7, it is outdated therefore it has many vulnerabilities
  • Keep your PC with few programs, only the necessary ones. 

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