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Activate the dark mode (Dark Mode) IN OFFICE – Dark Mode in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the entire suite

Have you asked yourself How can you put Dark Mode in Office applications? Whether it is Word, Excel, Power Point, OneNote and the other Office 365 applications, the function has already arrived, although in the Mac operating system the Dark Mode is automatically put in all the applications that allow it, having the system with the mode dark, Windows we still have to put many applications to dark mode.
Note: Keep in mind that the function is enabled for the latest versions of Office.

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Now we will learn to put the darkmode in apps office 365


1. We open the application that we want to put the Dark Mode (Excel)

1 Select APP

2. We select "File"

2. Excel file

3. In the section below, we select "Account"

3. Select account

4. Where "Office Theme" appears We change it to Black or Black.

4. Select black in office theme
Now Office will appear like this and we have already configured the Dark Mode in Excel and we can do it with any application from the Microsoft Suite 5.Dark mode

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