▷ why STUDY SYSTEMS ENGINEERING | all the reasons
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▷ why STUDY SYSTEMS ENGINEERING | all the reasons


Why study systems engineering?we must make it clear What is it like to be a systems engineer? With systems engineering you won't end up fixing computers. The person who fixes cell phones, computers, installs antivirus is known as a computer maintenance technician or systems technician. We will see, Why study systems engineering.

The best engineering to study
systems engineering the best

What is it to be a systems engineer?

A systems engineer is in charge of understanding reality and based on them create complex systems to solve problems.That is why they teach us programming since that is also a system, a company network is a system, even a human body is a compound system with many organs, even if you cannot see Biology, systems engineering was born from the branch of biology.



Reasons to study systems engineering

Great job offers in systems engineering.

It's not a secret that IT companies are growing every day And I get better job offers. Also, people are always going to choose other careers because they consider "engineering" "Mathematics" too difficult, so they prefer to study other careers. So the demand for employment increases, but not the supply. Why study systems engineering?

Create your own company with systems engineering.

Systems engineers have the ability to form our company, be it an application, a web page, a social network, with everything we have learned, an infinite number of options open up to us thanks to everything we learn over the years.

Why should you study systems engineering?

Systems engineering branches.

The branches of a systems engineer vary and can be so many, unlike a doctor, a doctor will always be a doctor, until he specializes. This does not happen with the engineering career. Here are some branches which you can perform. 

  • Programmer:

    You can always handle the programming languages of your company, contributing new developments.

  • Server Admin:

    Why don't you help the server of a company "NOT KEEP DOWN"

  • Web design:

    Although it is not very common, it is possible for a systems engineer to work in this area.

  • Informatic security:

    If you work to help protect a company's information? Like any good white hat hacker.

  • Database administrator:

    Build and keep these databases secure, with query languages and data extraction such as MYSQL, Oracle, Postgress, Maria DB, among others.

  • Artificial intelligence:

    implements solutions based on artificial intelligence for organizations, such as chatbots, Big data, machine learning, data mining.

  • Videogame developer:

    In this career there are many video game electives and if a specialization is not enough, you have to learn the language C, C++, if you do all the work design programs, Illustrator, Photoshop.

  • CEO:

    be the executive director of a company, since as we have said before, understand systems and a company is also a system.

  • Administrative branches:

    Although many engineers hate working in these branches, it is not enough to announce to them that it is possible to work in this branch too.


    : Functional Analyst, Project Leader, Network Analyst, Software Engineer, Telematics.

Study systems engineering if:

  1. You are passionate about technology (Computers, cell phones, technological change)
  2. you are good with logic
  3. You are passionate about learning
  4. you are self taught
  5.  You are not interested in spending all day on a computer.
  6. Do you like team working (In my case, I know very individualistic systems engineers, knowing that this career is the one with the greatest teamwork.) DON'T BE LIKE THAT.

DO NOT study systems engineering if:

  1. You are only a consumer of technology and you are not interested in how it works inside.
  2. It bores you to continue learning the rest of your life.
  3. If you only have the thought "I study this because it will give me money" I assure you that you will get bored.
  4. You hate teamwork.


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