Types of information systems WITH EXAMPLE
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Types of information systems WITH EXAMPLE


Transaction processing systems (TPS): It is a type of information system that collects, stores, modifies and retrieves all the information generated by the company.

EXAMPLE: Payroll TPS – is a common accounting transaction processing system found in most businesses. A payroll system records cash payment to employees. The master file is made up of separate pieces of information (name, address, employee number, etc.) called data elements. Data is entered into the system and the system updates the data elements.




Office automation systems (OAS): Applications intended to help the daily work of an organization's administrator, they are part of the software (Text, spreadsheets, etc.).


Knowledge work systems (KWS): computer systems to manage knowledge in organizations that support the creation, capture, and distribution of information. They support knowledge workers in the creation of new knowledge.



Management information systems (MIS):  They are a type of systems that collect information from different sources to help make decisions regarding the management of the organization. They use data collected by the TPS

EXAMPLE: daily sales analysis reports.


Decision Support Systems (DSS): intended for use by senior ranks of the company. To make a decision in the process of solving a semi-structured problem. Select the best option for a problem or predict scenarios. (HELP THE MANAGEMENT TEAM MAKE DECISIONS IN SITUATIONS WHERE THERE IS UNCERTAINTY ABOUT THE RESULTS)

EXAMPLE: What if analysis determines where to spend advertising dollars



EXPERT SYSTEMS: It is a computer application capable of emulating the behavior of an expert in the domain of knowledge on a topic and is capable of solving it using artificial intelligence.

EXAMPLE: An expert system that simulates the behavior of a chess expert, these systems based on artificial intelligence calculate the moves.

Web systems: payroll Web Application those that users access a WEB server to be able to communicate

A system that allows information to be downloaded through the web through a server.

FOR MOBILE DEVICES: If the page to download information is adapted for mobile

Enterprise resource planning system (ERP): are the general information systems that integrate and manage many of the businesses associated with the production operations and distribution aspects of a company


CRM: Computer systems to support customer relationship management, sales and marketing.

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