Office 365 Totally FREE and ORIGINAL for students (Installation steps)
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Office 365 Totally FREE and ORIGINAL for students (Installation steps)


You are a student and you have wondered how you can have original Office 365 without installing any illegal crack, since this violates your computer system, because the so-called “Activators” can have Trojans that execute functions such as stealing your information or photos. So Today we will show you how you can install Office totally original and free 100% legal as we always are in these entries.

You just have to follow the Next steps.

        1. Enter the official Microsoft page:
        2. You have to put the email of your university, school or institute in this section, for example “
        3. You have to fill out all the fields they ask for

    4. Look in your email for the verification code and then put it in the section that it asks for.

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          1. 5. Download all office applications in this section


        6. READY TO USE


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Link to get office 365 totally free for students:

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