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Megaman 11 Guide – Order to defeat the final bosses and how to beat the game


Megaman 11, already available on PC, nintendo swtich, Xbox One and Ps4 is now available and with it a new installment of the blue bomber, here we will leave you how to pass the game and defeat all the final bosses in a simple way. 

As we know our beloved blue bomber can easily defeat with some kind of power that is given to megaman after killing a master robot, So here we will know all the robot masters and their weakness. 

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Well we start with our beloved BlockMan:

1. Blockman.

  • VIDEO:

It is weak against: blast man

    The Block Man level is very entertaining, but we could see this character from the trailer and before it came out we could play against him.

    Block Man's level has many drops, although he is the easiest enemy.

    Block Man is very entertaining because when we automatically take life Block Man grows into a mega robot wanting to kill our blue bomber.

    2. ACID MAN. 

    • VIDEO:

    is weak against: block man

    Acid Man's level, as his own boss indicates, is full of acid, where we have to pass different robots that put acid on us in certain places with water.

    Acid Man has different powers when we are going to defeat him Acid Man walks in acid 
    super fast knocking us down.

    Acid Man also provides a shield that protects him that we have to weaken in order to defeat him.

    3. IMPACT MAN 

    • VIDEO:

    It is weak against: Acid Man

    Impact Man has an interesting level since when we advance there are places where the same power of Impact Man appears and tries to throw us to the points below us making us die.

    • VIDEO:

    It is weak against: impact man
    Bounce Man is the funniest stage so far in the new megaman 11 franchise, it has jumps all over its stage to get to different places, it's an incredible place and you have too much fun, but as fun as it is, it's stressful when you can't get to the place and you fall.
    In the case of the boss, you will have to fight against him or her or whatever this robot is, and when you shoot a super charged buster at it, it returns to the starting place, without a doubt it is an epic battle. 

    • VIDEO:
    • It is weak against: Bounce Man

      Fuse Man is a scenario of electricity, where we will have to carefully go through different stages, and different enemies that try to electrocute us.

      In the case of the final boss, more of the same keeps throwing rays at us that we will have to dodge in order to defeat him, the only thing is that this boss is too fast, so we will have to use different abilities to deal with it.

      6. TUNDRA MAN
    • VIDEO:
    • It is weak against: Fuse Man
      Tundra Man, it is a completely ice scene and it is very annoying to go through certain places, because the ice makes you slip and you can fall into the void, causing you to lose many lives. 

      In the case of the final boss, it is very fast, but having the power of FUSE MAN we can deal with it very easily.

      7. TORCH MAN
      It is weak against: Tundra Man

      8. BLAST MAN
      It is weak Against: torch man

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