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Best applications for iPhone and iPAD for you to take with you starting the year 2020 TOTALLY FREE.


In the AppStore there are many excellent applications with which you can use your mobile in depth and give better functionality to your iPhone terminal. Applications have been revolutionizing for many years since they go hand in hand with hardware, if we have the optimal hardware we can create better applications. So without further ado let's get started. The best applications for iPhone and iPad completely free, these applications are not in order from worst to best, so that there is no confusion. 

10) Pass2U Wallet:

This application allows you to easily add and manage all your cards,  You don't want to have all your cards in your wallet or bag, simply use this application, you will love it to have everything stored on your cell phone, it is done by adding the barcode of a card.

9) Photoshop FIX:

This application allows you to retouch photos in a subtle way, adjust the brightness, remove certain imperfections, soften, among other things.yes Furthermore, this application is only available on iOS so you will have to have something premium on your smartphone, but if you want more power you must have the following application.  


8) Adobe Lightroom:

Now yes, if you are crazy about photography, you must necessarily use Lightroom, you will not have all the tools that the computer application provides you, but you will have an endless number of functions more than the previous Photoshop Fix application, It is the best free tool in my opinion for mobile retouching.

7) iMovie 

We continue with more and more premium things for iOS, simply It is the best free video editing application on a mobile And the best thing is that it is only available for your iPhone and iPad, it allows you to edit videos in a surprising and very simple way. If you are a YouTuber, the application allows you to export it directly to this platform. My most sincere recommendation if you are a video editor. , or you just want to send edited videos from your Drone, or any video from your mobile to your friends. 


This app is on all operating systems up to Linux, It is a cloud where you can store your files, but without a doubt it is one of the best clouds, if not the best in my opinion, you can use this application to host your university and office work so that they do not get lost, making your files safe, not taking up space. space on your cell phone and you can see them from anywhere with an internet connection, there are limitations, but the best thing is that this cloud offers you up to 50 GB of free storage, which is absolute greatness compared to other clouds such as onedrive, drive, or the same iCloud that only offers you 5 GB of storage. The best thing is that you can link all your devices.

5) Microsoft OneNote

Another very common app, but few know its use, the use of oneNote is have some notes stored for any use, the use you can give it is to have several virtual notebooks, one per subject, so you will carry everything and you will never miss anything from your mobile because you will have all your notes stored from OneNote, notes that the iPhone comes with are pre-installed, but they do not reach the heels to what OneNote can do and better if you bring an iPad since with the Apple pencil 2 you can do unparalleled things. 

4) Shazam 

This application is on both Android and iOS, but what we have is that Apple recently bought it for a ridiculous amount of millions of dollars, what the application does is that We can know what song we are listening to, whatever the language.. Yes, I know that Siri does it by asking you, but this is just by pressing a button so I find it more comfortable to use Shazam than Siri.

3) Google Maps.

Here we will have the best GPS of any mobile device in our opinion. We will not put Apple maps because it is very simple, nor Waze because it is overloaded making Google Maps the fastest and most reliable, without a doubt the best navigator for our car or any transportation.

2) JustWatch

You are a lover of Streaming like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, this is your application, We see the news about what they put on each streaming service you use, and the upcoming releases, as I tell you, if you are a lover of streaming services you have to have this application.


1) InCalc

InCalc is that application for people who have private photos on their cell phone, and leave them there as if nothing had happened, we can use this application to store our private photos of any type and no one will see them in the photo gallery, we can only access it with a password and every time we enter inCalc it will ask us for the password again so our private photos will be safe. 

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