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▷ Benefits of using Canva for your designs, post Facebook, Instagram


Canva is a web and mobile application for graphic design, it is a very powerful application that will help you to reach your entire market. Today we will show you the benefits of using this great software so that you can start making your own designs.

Benefits advantages of using Canva 

  • Canva is very easy to use: and you can have great results, just by dragging, choosing a template and downloading, you can make designs almost similar to a designer, unlike using Photoshop that this app is complex for someone very new. 
  • It's free: Canva is free, you have hundreds of free templates at your disposal, but if you want something more professional you must pay as a service. 
  • Grow on social networks: With cava you have thousands of ways to post on Instagram and Facebook, YouTube and other networks, so you can grow on social networks and publish quality content. 
  • Make your logo: With canva you can make your Logo in a very easy way, just by going to the logos section.
  •  Work in team: the pro version of Canva allows you to work with your entire team and create designs together.
  • If you want something more professional hire a designer: it is true that with canva you can make your own designs, but in my opinion they will never replace a good designer, but as long as you are a small company or small brand you can supplant this with canva, canva does not take away from the job it complements the work of a designer.
  • Thousands of templates of absolutely everything: Canva has so many templates that sometimes you don't even know which one to choose.

It's time to use Canva.

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