You are old, but is that old? Memes in technology You will feel identified
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You are old, but is that old? Memes in technology You will feel identified


You are old, but is that old? The best memes in technology. If you are a bit of an adult, you will feel identified with this section of technological memes, we know that you will remember them very well. 

The best memes of you're old, but are you that old?

We will use the following images for informational and educational purposes 

  • my first letter

Image result for my first encartaThis application on Windows system, where we could learn about history, science, landscapes, regions, literature, art and infinite other things, it was replaced because we all started to have access to the internet 

  • clippie

Image result for word assistant

The Office assistant that we could ask him anything, Microsoft said goodbye to him little by little, until removing the office assistant interface

  • msn

Image result for msn messengerIt was an instant messaging program, It was from Microsoft that was replaced by new social networks like Facebook or applications like Skype that Microsoft bought by the way.

  • MS TWO

Image result for ms dos

PLUS TWO, the operating system of old computers If you're a real old man, you probably got to use it, it was superseded by Microsoft Windows.

  • fat monitors?Image result for display old

The monitors of that time were like this, the idea of having a thin monitor like those of today was unthinkable. 

  • Ares 

Image result for ares software

That program where you downloaded a song and got 100 spyware, thousand hackers and one Andrea, if you used this program it was a safe virus.

  • Nokia

Image result for old nokia

The old Nokia was the brand of the momentToday, only a few of us know these fabulous cell phones and the sensation they were in their time. 

  • giant music player

Image result for discman

the old discman, they were portable cd players, they were eventually replaced by Apple iPods.

  • mouse with ballcomputer, technology, camera, mouse, product, electronics, glasses, ball, hardware, pc, multimedia, computer mouse, cameras optics, electronic device, electronics accessory, old hardware

  • The old mice had a ball in the center from time to a sensor, the old ones kept taking out this little ball

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