Cloud Computing (ESSAY)
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Cloud Computing (ESSAY)


Cloud Computing Essay
Prepared by: Johan Astudillo
Cloud computing is changing the way every person and business saves, views, and downloads information. Being a self-service on demand, having access to the data anywhere in the world, just by having an internet connection. They have the ability to share information directly and easily. It is also closely related to the so-called "green computing", helping to reduce greenhouse gases and the mass production of resources.
Leading companies make good use of these tools, spending less budget on infrastructure and generating more profit. Successful companies manage information systems well.
In the cloud, each worker can edit the content of a document at any time and save it for another worker to continue, doing faster work compared to companies that use the infrastructure, building successful companies with optimal performance for to be “leading companies”. Although some of them are afraid of saving their information in the cloud.
Cloud computing is a model for accessing computing resources, many times to access multi-user applications, where you don't have to make copies of many applications on each device, but rather there is only one application running over the Internet. Although we can also access files, store emails or databases. There are 3 different types of cloud:
Private cloud: It is a computer service, which is offered only to some entity or some individuals and not to the entire public, through a private internal network or the Internet. The infrastructure of this cloud is made only for an organization, making it more secure, but at a higher cost.
Public cloud: The provider of this cloud makes resources such as software, storage such as text or multimedia files, available to the public on the Internet. These services may be free or may have a fee for use such as IBM cloud or Amazon web services. Those public clouds tend to be less expensive and less secure.
Hybrid cloud: They are combinations between private and public cloud, it allows to use local applications and use them in public clouds, to be able to manage any file, or program without allowing third parties to access confidential information.
“Green computing, or green IT, refers to the practices and technologies for designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers, servers, and associated devices such as monitors, printers, storage devices, networking, and communications systems to minimize the impact about the environment” (Laudon, 2012)  Cloud computing has greatly helped green computing, since we do not need more infrastructure apart from the device connected to the internet.
All companies should be upgrading to the cloud, leaving aside the use of USB flash drives or hard drives, even small companies should take these measures, since their profits would increase if these tools are well managed. Many companies are afraid of having confidential information on some internet storage platform. Relying on another company to store the information is considered risky for a very large company and they do not usually pay for these services. Some of them have different cloud providers, companies often rely on well-known providers as they are. Microsoft, Google, DropBox or Amazon. Even so, many prefer conventional methods, being incompetent in that sense, to those who do use these tools.
To a large extent, cloud computing defines how leading companies improve and perform more, it has helped many people and companies to store their information quickly and easily, with multiplatform access, at a lower cost than conventional methods of storing information. However, not everyone uses these platforms, investing a lot of money in infrastructure, the cloud slows down the exploitation of resources and environmental damage, it is called "green information technology", making it an essential business strategy in any company.

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