▷ App Store: the PLAY STORE for iPhone | Everything you need to know
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▷ App Store: the PLAY STORE for iPhone | Everything you need to know

the play store for iphoneWhen buying an iPhone we notice that it comes with the App Store or AppStore, it is known as the Play Store or PlayStore of iPhones, today we will talk a little about this App store that is the competition of the PlayStore, today I am going to tell you show certain differences, or certain similarities, with respect to Android.

App Store vs Play Store.

Advantages of the App Store

  • More quality in terms of applications
  • More optimized apps, Instagram works better on iPhone.
  • Fewer useless apps.
  • Has better sales for developers

Disadvantages of the App Store:

  • Can be considered a Monopoly
  • less opportunity to upload your app to this system.
  • Less Apps.
  • Many paid applications.
  • Some developers have complained about the treatment they receive,
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App Store the Play Store for iPhone

the playstore for iPhone

The Play Store for iPhone does not existAs I have already mentioned, it is the same App Store, this is due to the confusion that some people have.

App Store on android 

If an iPhone comes to the playstore you automatically have to realize that it is a replica iPhoneWell, a pirated iPhone, so if it wasn't what you asked for, you better try returning it, I don't recommend these cell phones, they are very bad, this type of smartphone, it's better to buy an Android if you are going to buy a pirated iPhone.

You can have the App Store on Android

Negative, I don't see Apple releasing its app store for Android in the near future, plus its apps don't work on the Android operating system because they are programmed in Swift or Objective-C, swith their own languages and those of Android in Java or Kotlin. 


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