7 Reasons to use Linux and stop using Windows
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7 Reasons to use Linux and stop using Windows


Have you ever wondered what Linux has that Windows can't provide me? Or even another operating system like Mac, although this is a BSD-based distribution that is in turn based on Unix, it has many things about Linux, so today I present to you: Why should you use Linux? and I will give you 7 reasons why to use this incredible operating system

1) Variety of distributions.

The variety of distributions is enormous, a distribution is simply a GNU/linux with different packages and tools accordingly.
For each distribution, for example, we have distributions for people who are dedicated to music, electronics, engineers, scientists, hackers, gamers.
and for the use of a common computer
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2) It's Free

It's free, Linux is completely free, both it and most of its applications. If you believe that because you use pirated Windows, you believe that Windows is free
you're wrong. Many Windows updates could be missing since the so-called cracks can usually only be updated to a certain point since
Windows detects it in some update and in addition to this doing so is Illegal, also opening security holes and worsening the user experience
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3) Security 

Linux is more secure, don't be confused, Linux is not an impenetrable operating system, it's just that because it is less used than Windows, hackers
They do not pay as much attention to it, resulting in less malware for Linux and when a vulnerability is detected, it is quickly corrected by the community.
making installing antivirus unnecessary.
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4) It is very light

Linux is much less demanding than Windows, there are distributions that fit on a USB stick, and they need less ram to work, so if you have an old PC
It is likely that you will need to install some Linux before opting for Windows XP since that operating system has countless vulnerabilities.
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5) Free alternatives in the software

Linux has plenty of free software to use as an alternative to Windows, many of which are paid. For example GIMP Photoshop Alternative. Or Inkscape alternative to Illustrator
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6) Lots of Privacy

Privacy in linux is one of the favorite points of many, since being open source, you can see the code and know if your data is stolen within the same code
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7) Customization of the operating system

Linux is 100% Editable, since we can edit the code as we want, we can put different desktop environments, the one we like the most. Delete things
that we are not going to use the operating system.
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