Conversion storage units
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Conversion storage units

Measuresymbologyconvert fromEquivalence
bitbbits1 or 0
ByteB.bitwise8 Bit
KiloBitkbbits to Kb1000 bits
KilobyteKBbytes to KB1024 Bytes
megabitmbKb to Mb1000 kilobits
MegabyteMBKB TO MB1024 KiloBytes
gigabitGBMb to Gb1000 Megabit
gigabytesGBMB TO GB1024 Megabytes
terabitTBGB to Tb1000 Terabit
terabyteTBGB TO GB1024 gigabytes
ExabitebTb To Gb1000 Terabit
exabyteebTB TO EB1024 terabytes